Do Friendship Differently

PhoSho lets you share themed moments with friends. A themed moment could be a dare, challenge, or anything you think is worth sharing. Friends respond with photos doing your theme. Comment, laugh, and vote on photos - the most upvoted photo wins! When the timer ticks down to zero, it all disappears.

Want to catch your friend’s off guard? Turn on AutoTake. It’ll give friends just 5 seconds to strike a pose before automatically taking and posting the photo – priceless.

You can pick from a random list of themes in the app (like the below), or, you can write your own.

The Random List (we call these Sho’s):
Best Beer Chug
Do The Donald Trump
Rednecks Be Like…
Cutest Girl/Guy On The Way To Class
Too Much Touching…
Awkward Couples…
What Are You Guys Up To?

The Breakdown:
1. Pick a Sho (theme)
2. Take a photo
3. Set the timer (turn on AutoTake)
4. Select only the friends you want to include
5. Send

Colleges all around the U.S. use PhoSho. Get funky, crazy, spontaneous, or downright weird, and do friendship differently.